Rice bins are what nightmares are made of…

From budgets to sensory bins….I told you this was truly a “catch-all” of my random life. I’m desperately trying to be the mom who fosters independent play and exploration but slight wrench in my plans…I’m a mega control freak. The teacher in me needs order and structure, even though I know ALL the benefits of sensory play 😭🙈

This is only the second time I let Taylor (my 23 month old) play with this rice bin…and shocker she LOVES it. Talks about rice all day after. Mom win right?? Maybe….if I wasn’t constantly trying to get her to not sprinkle the rice like confetti all over the playroom or hover over her with my dyson ready to clean up.

I can almost 1,000% guarantee that a meltdown will ensue when it is time to put away said sensory bin…. and if not I celebrate your way better parenting tactics! Because here we are screaming that the rice bin had to take a nap until tomorrow.

Side note: I need to do some major closet overhauling to store all of the things I need out of sight and away from little hands (ie…this rice bin)

Ps. That is a #slumberkins bigfoot on the couch. Taylor is OBSESSED with him and could careless about any other slumberkins she has. But if you have never heard of the company check them out. I originally saw them on shark tank and they just have great messages for kids. They make perfect lovies. Except mom fail. they are not making the pink bigfoot anymore so I need to take REALLY good care of this one because moms are selling him on BST pages for $200! nope sorry no way. When biggy (what we call him) bites the dust she can find a new $36 slumberkins to love….

I’ve been following #busytoddler for all the awesome sensory ideas, but what types of sensory bins have you done, or had success with?? Everything from this rice bin came from the dollar store (look at me and my budget win 🙌🏻) except for the 28 qt sterilite tub from target. Taylor got a bag of kinetic sand for Christmas that I haven’t dared to open yet. #sensorybins #busytoddler #toddlers

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Hi There! My name is Samantha Thurber. I am a former elementary teacher turned SAHM managing all of life's imperfections.

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