Pantry Makeover

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So it seems like one of my goals every year is to get organized. As a teacher I was SO organized (give me all the perfect cute animal print labels and color coordinated bins that match my theme)! However…my house is a different story. We have a VERY small pantry- definitely not walk in, and it is my least favorite. Because our pantry is so small we do have some big pantry cabinets next to the fridge where I store overflow items but they would be way easier if the selves were pull out drawers (but that’s a project for another day/year)

Ripping off the bandaid here is the before picture…..

Mind you without organization my toddler goes in there (we do have a pantry lock that we forget to use A LOT) and pulls out white claws and pretends to drink them (parents of the year) We are also missing a bottom shelf that was damaged in a house flood we had last year. We just never replaced it and use it for bigger items.

I knew I wanted perfect Rae Dunn inspired labels (because who doesn’t??) I made all of the labels on my cricut using the font “The Skinny” which is a free download from

Here’s how the tiniest pantry ever makeover went down:

  1. Measure the space to see how many white bins/canisters I needed
  2. Group food into categories for said bins
  3. Design labels and cut on my cricut machine
  4. Apply labels at 11 pm at night because you are determined to finish this project.
  5. Have to re-cut at least 3 labels…because you were tired and messed them up (story of my fricken life)
  6. Stand back and admire perfect pantry and hope it stays this way for at least a week!

Ready for the AFTER???

I got all the products for our pantry makeover from Ikea, but found similar products on amazon.

Click any of the pictures to check them out on Amazon

Happy Organizing!

& check in with me in a month…to see if it still looks like this (wishful thinking!)

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Hi There! My name is Samantha Thurber. I am a former elementary teacher turned SAHM managing all of life's imperfections.

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