What does a SAHM really do all day?

I have to be super honest that before I became a SAHM (stay at home mom) I had 0 insight to what they do all day. I always thought they had it made. SIGN ME UP for netflix and playin with babies all day! A reality check was in store for me…

I did not read much about SAHM days before I became one because I didn’t want to have set expectations in my head for what our day’s would look like. I honesty thought I was going to fail and be ready to go back to work because this was never a dream of mine. But through every messy day I would choose to be home with my girl again and again.

Here’s a peak at typical day for us

6:00am– try to get up 4 different times…. I aspire to become more productive in the mornings.

7:25am – Actually get up…. quickly rush to cut vinyl for all of my orders for the week.

7:45-8:45am– Work on my orders for the week (it takes a lot of intricate planning to do any sort of work at home with kids! I’m quickly finding out)

8:45am– Taylor is now awake- kicking the back of her crib wall with force and shouting. When I worked I had to wake her up at 6 am and she was miserable. She will typically sleep until at least 8:30.

9:00-10:00- Breakfast

  • Taylor watches Blippi (she is obsessed… and we watch entirely too much TV…judge away) in her booster while I make breakfast.
  • She hadn’t been feeling well so I made her bacon and eggs (Not a typical breakfast for us….typically its a waffle and fruit with yogurt)
  • Spoiler alert- she ate nothing! maybe one bite of bacon…glad I spent time making her a more elaborate breakfast.
  • Insert nutrigrain bar she crumbles into 1,000 pieces and raisins
  • While strapped into her chair I make coffee and empty the dishwasher (I cannot do this while she is running around…cause toddlers +knives and she goes for them EVERY TIME)
  • I went to the bathroom while she was eating…and came back to her having taken every.single. wipe out of the package that was next to her.
  • Make her a sandwich for lunch (PRO TIP from busy toddler!) on the days I remember to prep lunch at breakfast it saves me.

10:00-12:15 pm- Play Time/Chores/Leave the House- random catch-all time of day.

This time of day is always a little different depending on what we have going. Sometimes we play outside during this time, other days this is when we leave the house to run errands like Costco, Target, grocery store, bank etc. Take a gym class some days- gives me a nice childcare break too!

But on this particular day we didn’t leave the house (which is usually 2 days for us) Finally made myself a bagel thin. I NEVER understood how people forget to eat. Like how is that even possible?? I love to eat….well once you have someone who needs something constantly it is very very possible to forget to eat. But of course Taylor didn’t like her breakfast and needed mine. Share said bagel thin….

We play with toys…read all the books, she asks me to open everything from her makeup kit 16 times.

I half watch the friends re-runs playing in the background while trying to get some more work done (doesn’t happen. I will wait until nap time)

She LOVES to help me when I’m working

We have a playroom upstairs in our loft so we will typically split time between downstairs and upstairs depending on what chores I need to do.

Start a load of laundry

12-12:45 pm- Lunch

  • Taylor eats lunch for FOREVER…pretty sure she does this in an effort to stall nap time.
  • Meanwhile I snack on animal crackers….while she eats and I try to finish making 2 custom Starbucks cups while she eats
  • My mom calls to facetime….talks to me for the entire lunch. I get nothing done.
  • I clean her up and bribe her with her vitamin (she thinks its candy) to go upstairs for nap

Taylor goes down pretty well for naps. We hug, kiss, and rock a little and I tuck her in. Always melts my heart. She says “I love you” now and it’s the best thing in the whole wide world.

1:15-4:15- Nap Time

I LIVE for nap time. Sounds bad….but my kid is a strong sleeper and when she sleeps for less than 3 hours I feel cheated. As I type this our jerk of a dog is outside barking and if he wakes her up he’s finding a new home (I kid….maybe)

During nap time is when I

  • Shower (Some days….new sahm reality)
  • Workout
  • Work on orders/blog
  • chores like vacuum, put away clothes, laundry etc.
  • eat
  • catch up on shows/sometimes sleep

Everyday is a little different and I don’t usually accomplish what I set out to do for the day. I think thats a struggle for me from working. It was a lot easier for me to stick to my goals for the day at my job than it is at home. If Taylor is having a rough day a lot of my “goals” for the day just don’t happen and I have to try again tomorrow and that was a big change in expectations for myself. I finally stopped picking up the playroom at nap time because she literally makes it her goal in life to re-destroy it right when she wakes up.

4:00-6:00 pm- The longest 2 hours of our life.

OMG I dread this time of day waiting for my husband to get home. Taylor is a baby GRUMP (whyyyy would you be grumpy after sleeping 3 hours? inquiring minds want to know). We typically spend most of this time either outside now that the weather is getting nicer (cue swing meltdowns when it’s time to come inside) or watching a Disney movie and eating all the snacks.

I try and get dinner ready at this time too- usually when I turn to giving her snacks while she’s strapped into a booster with an IPAD because otherwise all the unsafe things happen.

I am the farthest person from a cook. Most days we eat take out or frozen pizza or pancakes…cause that’s who I am as a mom. On this particular Tuesday we ate Del Taco. No shame in this game….but seriously I do need to cook more in life for us to save money on our day to day bills to pay off my student loans, but that’s a post for another day.

6:00-8:00pm- Daddy’s Home!

We eat, watch tv, play together, usually one person cleans up the kitchen and downstairs while the other does bath/bedtime. Anyone else have a husband who retreats to the bedroom to poop and comes back 45 minutes later??? Like right in the middle of utter chaos downstairs? I always wonder to myself if this happens to other people.

8:00-10:00pm– My husband and I get downtime. Most days we spend it with each other watching tv, videos, talking, paying bills etc. On this particular day we were putting together an ikea table and pegboard in our master for my work area- I’ll share those pics in another post it turned out so cute!

10:00pm- My husband goes to bed- he typically gets up a 4 am. I am wide awake til all hours per usual….I go downstairs and made him a lunch, while I’m making him a lunch I really get ahead of myself and make Taylor a sandwich for the next day. I switched more laundry, finished the dishes and sat around doing who knows what on my phone for the next 2.5 hours.

12:30– Finally get in bed for the night.. to do it all over again tomorrow

So here you have it. Mom life is a tough. Whether you work or stay home (former teacher) I have experienced both, and both have their unique set of challenges. Is this similar to your typical SAHM day?? I’d love to know because this is just my experience. I am sure the day looks different with multiple kiddos too. I am just a parent to one 2 year old girl.

What is your best advice for other stay at home moms? What are some of your biggest challenges?

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Hi There! My name is Samantha Thurber. I am a former elementary teacher turned SAHM managing all of life's imperfections.

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