Is Produce Wash Worth It??

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I’ve been working on some Sunday routines that will help make the week easier on myself. Toddler life is no joke, are you with me?? I feel like I’m raising a sour patch candy all day everyday. My husband commutes an hour to work each day on top of a 10 hour (+ OT sometimes) SO it’s a whole lot of time with my 2 year old friend (love her, but MAN she’s hard work) So in a nut shell I need ALL THE THINGS to make my week easier as a SAHM.

One of these Sunday routines is produce prep. When I actually get my grocery shopping done over the weekend (i’m about 50/50) i’ve been washing/cutting/storing all the produce, which makes my meals/snacks so much easier.

Have you heard of the Dirty Dozen?? Most of the fruit & veggies we buy are on this list!

Since I started using a produce wash (Young Living- Thieves) in particular i’m always incredibly shocked at the results that I wouldn’t get if I simply ran the produce under water.

These grapes were NASTY. Incredibly cloudy and gross and NO amount of water was going to make them better (FYI I don’t typically buy organic produce- which i’m sure is a debate somewhere).

The thieves fruit and veggie soak is super simple. I add a cap full of soak to a bowl of my filtered fridge water. I use this same bowl for a few rounds of soaks. I fill the bowl with whatever produce I have (Today it was grapes and strawberries) and let them soak for 2 minutes.

Then I rinse in a colander and lay out to dry for about 20-30 minutes on a rack before putting cutting and storing for the week.

The amount of dirt/pesticides what have you that are left in this bowl speaks for itself.

I know there are a few brands out there- I only have first hand experience with the Young living fruit and veggie soak but here are a couple other options- I’ve heard great things from the Norwex brand one too!

Click on the pictures below to check out some affordable fruit/veggie soak options

A great companion to a fruit/veggie soak is the Norwex Fruit/Veggie scrub mitt. I use just water and use this for apples, potatoes, and corn. It’s amazing how clean it gets some stubborn produce.

If DIYs are more your jam here are some homemade options:

Homemade Produce Spray



  1. Add all ingredients to the glass spray bottle
  2. Shake well
  3. Spray your produce- all it to sit for 10-15 minutes on the counter
  4. Rinse in cold water and prepare as usual

Homemade Produce Soak



  1. Fill your bowl with a ratio of 3:1 water to vinegar
  2. Add lemon essential oil or lemon juice
  3. Add your fruits or vegetables to the bowl (be careful to not overflow it)
  4. Allow your produce to soak for 10-15 minutes
  5. Using a strainer rinse your produce well in cold water

If you’re wondering if you should give a fruit/veggie soak a try…. go back up and check out those pictures! It is worth the extra few minutes in your Sunday routine, I swear!

Still not convinced?? Check out this side by side comparison in the video of broccoli soaked in water vs. Thieves produce soak

What other things do you like to do on Sundays that help your week run smoother? Tell me below!

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2 thoughts on “Is Produce Wash Worth It??

  1. I’d be interested to see a water soak side by side and some test to see if it’s getting more off. I would think the companies have done that.


    1. Yes definitely! I will look for some. When I was using water I was never “soaking” them in a bowl so I didn’t have that data…I was just doing a quick rinse in my sink as more people probably are!


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