Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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I feel like I am normally more well planned than this. With a cute craft I will have my toddler complete a month ahead of time…but quarantine has me all sorts of not motivated. I also want to purge things in my life and a bin full of canvases of toddler handprints in my garage seems unnecessary (i’m sure i’ll regret that thought process in 10 years).

Last year I took my 15 month old to As You Wish (A pottery painting place) to make a grill platter that I saw on Pinterest. It turned out super cute…but was very labor intensive and only required all of 5 minutes of Taylor’s time…so cue my dad feeding her pretzel bites while I frantically paint a grill plate for 2 hours. NOPE not this year.

Here are some practical Dad gift finds you can order online if you are a fairly last minute shopper!

My husband loves novelty t-shirts. I kid you not, I had to tell him he had to stop wearing his shirt that said “be nice to me my wife is pregnant” shirt when I was in fact no longer pregnant. So insert all the cute dad shirts for father’s day. I love the “Dad Bod” ones.

He recently got an apple watch and could benefit from some charging organization (couldn’t we all). This docking station can charge his apple watch and Iphone easily on his night stand. Hand in hand with this are double chargers that we never have enough of around our house. He uses these for everything (Can you tell I’m thinking practical?)

The teacher in me is a sucker for a book for EVERY occasion. For his first father’s day I got my husband the “Just Me and My dad” book of the Litter Critter series who I just love, and I wrote a sweet message in the inside cover. Here are a few book options you can grab from Amazon, just click the picture of each book and it will take you there.

Keeping with the book theme there are a lot of personalized book options out there. I have never ordered from them personally, but one of the ones I hear about a lot is Hooray Heroes. Books seem to run about $40+ I may be cheap…but I will stick to my under $10 Amazon books and write a sweet message inside. But I do know people that have ordered these and LOVE them.

Something super simple and thoughtful, but practical for us is this cute tape measure. Dave has no shortage of tape measures, but when we need them he literally can’t find a single one, so I thought this would be fitting. I happen to have a Cricut to make this vinyl label to add to the tape measure, but if you don’t a vinyl label like this would be $5 or so from someone local who has one.

Two year old quarantine life has us drinking a lot more than normal lately… I recently got myself a Brumate skinny can koozie (also did you know koozie was spelled with a K? because I didn’t until I started writing this) for my white claw & truly lemonade obsession. Quick PSA. If you haven’t tried this Truly lemonade variety pack you are missing out!

Brumate makes koozies for just about every size drink you could think of, in all the best colors. My husband would use a 12 oz bottle one and can koozie. Also those pictures below defaulted to mermaid colors…They definitely come in man colors, but while you are getting one for your favorite dad in your life pick yourself up a beautiful glitter one for all your Truly/Whiteclaw needs.

You can never go wrong with some simple basics like his favorite beer-Dave’s summer jam is the Sam Adam’s Summer Ale and their favorite snack. I also really like theme gifts. If your husband or dad has a hobby they are really into (Dave’s is cycling) you could get all gifts centered around that theme. We do not typically spend a lot on gifts for each other and bike stuff is EXPENSIVE so I am opting out of a bike theme this year.

My husband is easier to buy for than my actual dad. My dad has EVERYTHING, so it makes it tricky. He actually really loves my crafts and has always been very supportive of them so I may make him a cup and a custom door mat. Personalized gifts go a long way with him.

We typically would go out to dinner, but I am unsure what quarantine father’s day will bring, probably grilling at home! What is something you have your eye on for all the special dads in your life? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s to all the amazing dad’s out there! We couldn’t do it without you! Happy Father’s Day! May your families continue to stay safe, happy, and healthy!

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