Costco Hauling…

I promised I would share our Costco haul from yesterday. We really only go about once every 1-2 months and do not buy many food products there because of storage purposes. We mostly buy paper products, toiletries, and detergents. Our garage freezer recently bit the dust so I cannot stock up on a whole lot food wise. But I want to know what all of YOU shop at Costco for!? What deals do you love there? Do you shop for convenience there or are you actually saving? 💵
First off did any of you know that Costco closes at 6 pm?? On a Saturday…. Cause I sure didn’t…

We showed up at 5:32 giving us exactly 28 minutes to shop for my big list with a toddler in tow shouting “SNACKS SNACKS” the whole time 🤦🏼‍♀️😭 If you’re wondering if we survived…we did barely, and left at 6:03 $266 later and no cheap $1.70 hot dog and drink dinner like I had planned because well Costco closes at 6.. ON A SATURDAY (still shaking my head at this)

Here’s what $266 bought us at Costco:

  • Bounty paper towels
  • Charmin toilet paper
  • Kirkland cat and dog food
  • Skippy peanut butter
  • Kirkland face wipes
  • Oral b brush heads (I’m new to the power toothbrush game)
  • Giant red solo cup package (if you thought this was a blog about going green..sorry it isn’t 🙈) Taylor is having a farm themed 2nd birthday bbq so insert all the red cups….)
  • Vitamins for me and Dave
  • Olay body wash
  • produce-carrots, apples, and berries
  • Kirkland shampoo/conditioner
  • Kirkland Applesauce pouches
  • ALL free and clear laundry detergent

*Disclamer… I do not buy name brand very often. I feel like Kirkland brand at Costco is just as good as anything, but I do shop their coupon book so I will get name brand like toilet paper and paper towels if there is a good coupon on it. Also I do not typically buy any produce at Costco, however I took the lazy route because I didn’t want to go to sprouts 🤷🏼‍♀️
We do also have a Sam’s club membership. I really love that on it’s busiest day it still isn’t as packed as Costco. We recently went there last week for diapers, trash bags, shrimp, goldfish, frozen chicken breasts, crackers, and almonds.
I HATE waiting in the huge Costco gas line… but in an effort to try and save money we are going to try and fill up both cars at Costco weekly.

Last night Costco gas was $2.69 (I’m local to phoenix, AZ) and that was a whole 30 cents cheaper a gallon than surrounding gas stations, so I can get over my complaining for that kind of savings. We were able to fill up my gas guzzler Mazda cx-9 for right at $40 from almost empty. This is a clear area where we can save money in our budget. Our current budget has $200 set aside for household items each month. This may be on the low side….considering this trip was $266 but we do not always go every month, so I could allow myself rollover. My budget is a giant work in progress.
As I write this during nap time….ahhh nap time. Toddler mommas you feel me. I feel like all I do now is try and keep her from injuring herself. all. day. long. All the stuff I bought is still piled on the stairs waiting for me to find places to put it. I need to talk storage and organization on here asap…because that is an area I am highly lacking in my life. Also watching The Water Boy..Adam Sandler anyone? I feel like this is one of his drastically underrated movies! Anyone agree?

Have an amazing Sunday! We are going tochip away at our eating at home Sunday-Thursday by grilling tonight…wish me luck! (I need it) I found this great little wellness planer in the Target dollar spot (actually $3..really shouldn’t be called the dollar spot if it still is 🤯) I am using to track all my wellness goals! I will make a post on that here this coming week because it is pretty awesome and I need all the motivational tools. 💪🏻#Costco#frugalliving#shopping#budget#cashenvelopesystem

Rice bins are what nightmares are made of…

From budgets to sensory bins….I told you this was truly a “catch-all” of my random life. I’m desperately trying to be the mom who fosters independent play and exploration but slight wrench in my plans…I’m a mega control freak. The teacher in me needs order and structure, even though I know ALL the benefits of sensory play 😭🙈

This is only the second time I let Taylor (my 23 month old) play with this rice bin…and shocker she LOVES it. Talks about rice all day after. Mom win right?? Maybe….if I wasn’t constantly trying to get her to not sprinkle the rice like confetti all over the playroom or hover over her with my dyson ready to clean up.

I can almost 1,000% guarantee that a meltdown will ensue when it is time to put away said sensory bin…. and if not I celebrate your way better parenting tactics! Because here we are screaming that the rice bin had to take a nap until tomorrow.

Side note: I need to do some major closet overhauling to store all of the things I need out of sight and away from little hands (ie…this rice bin)

Ps. That is a #slumberkins bigfoot on the couch. Taylor is OBSESSED with him and could careless about any other slumberkins she has. But if you have never heard of the company check them out. I originally saw them on shark tank and they just have great messages for kids. They make perfect lovies. Except mom fail. they are not making the pink bigfoot anymore so I need to take REALLY good care of this one because moms are selling him on BST pages for $200! nope sorry no way. When biggy (what we call him) bites the dust she can find a new $36 slumberkins to love….

I’ve been following #busytoddler for all the awesome sensory ideas, but what types of sensory bins have you done, or had success with?? Everything from this rice bin came from the dollar store (look at me and my budget win 🙌🏻) except for the 28 qt sterilite tub from target. Taylor got a bag of kinetic sand for Christmas that I haven’t dared to open yet. #sensorybins #busytoddler #toddlers

Let’s Talk 2020 Budgets…

Any Dave Ramsey followers? my husband and I took his Financial Peace University class about 3.5 years ago and have since currently paid off over 90k in debt 😱 I’ve recently become a SAHM (stay at home mom) to my almost 2 year old daughter and have really needed to reel in my spending and get a handle on the budget (meaning stop having the amazon truck show up at our house everyday 🙈) now that we are on just 1 income. One tool that helps us immensely is the cash envelope system. It’s certainly not rocket science…. you determine budget amounts for each category and pull that money out in CASH 💰. For me the term ”realistic” was huge because I so easily got discouraged when trying to budget. I tracked expenses in our over spending categories like eating out and amazon/target for months before I found the sweet spot for us. We eat out a LOT…and I say a lot because you guys, we were spending $900-$1,000/month eating out 😱 I’m telling you, ADD IT UP! It will blow your mind.

Check out these gorgeous cash envelopes!

The sweet spot right now for categories for us is as follows:

  • Eating out:$400/month (still a daily challenge, I hate cooking) but aiming for only 2 meals out a week at $50 each
  • Household: $200/month(all the Costco, Target, amazon things
  • Groceries: $360/month (I’m getting good at shopping ads!) we are a family of 3.
  • Gas: $360/month (my husband drives 42 miles to work each way 🤦🏼‍♀️) this is estimated high and I actually just save receipts to track this versus cash because I don’t want to have to go inside with a toddler (moms you get this)

I for one find that I can hold myself much more accountable if I have physical cash versus my debit card. I’ve been busy making budget envelopes for a lot of families in my neighborhood (on my awesome cricut, from the best husband!) and I hope that simply starting the budget conversation can help others who are living in debt. The ONLY reason I am able to stay at home now is because I got on board with my husband‘s desire to get out of debt. We are still on baby step 2 ( Dave Ramsey lingo for paying off debt) but crushed 60k in credit cards so I could quit my job and stay home with my girl.

If you are interested in purchasing a cash envelope set they are custom orders, because every family has different needs visit our Facebook shop today!

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Do you have a budget plan that works for your family?? Please share it with me below #familybudgets#financialpeaceuniversity#daveramsey#cashenvelopesystem

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A catch-all of thoughts…

“It’s no wonder so many mothers send me notes telling me they’ve lost themselves. Of course they have! If you live your life to please everyone else, you forget what used to make you you.”

― Rachel Hollis

Welcome to the Catch- All Mama blog! I am so thankful you are here. Join me as I navigate through life being a wife, mama, daughter, sister, friend. I promise it will be messy, but real fun too!

Still a rookie mom…my sweet babe is only turning 2. Pretty sure I will consider myself a rookie until she is at least 16. This community of mamas is unlike I have ever seen before. We are constantly striving for more. To be better moms, friends, wives, nothing ever seems to be enough. We manage massive to do lists, activities, Pinterest perfect parties all while still feeling isolated and burnt out most days. Just know you are not alone. I see you. I feel you. I am you. Let this be a place where you can relate, have a laugh at my expense, or just feel heard.

XOXO Your friend in all of this,