Tax Season is in Full Swing!

Let’s talk taxes!! Tax season is in full swing! (We still haven’t sent ours in yet 🙈) quick disclaimer….I am not a tax professional and any content is strictly my own opinions. People seem to think getting a big return back is the way to go, but it’s actually not. The government is essentially takingContinue reading “Tax Season is in Full Swing!”

Costco Hauling…

We showed up at 5:32 giving us exactly 28 minutes to shop for my big list with a toddler in tow shouting “SNACKS SNACKS” the whole time 🤦🏼‍♀️😭 If you’re wondering if we survived…we did barely, and left at 6:03 $266 later and no cheap $1.70 hot dog and drink dinner like I had plannedContinue reading “Costco Hauling…”